From 'Bland' to 'Beautiful' — Transform Any Home With Bright, Solar-Powered LEDs

  •  | Mariah Tisdale

"These beautiful lights give our yard the perfect pop of color!" —Sharon W.

FACT: Outdoor Lighting Increases "Curb Appeal"

With Americans spending more time at home than ever before, now is the perfect time to spice-up our living spaces with outdoor lighting. 

Installing outdoor lighting, however, can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Traditional electric lights require complex wiring, — which usually amounts to hours of back-breaking work or hiring an expensive professional.

Most outdoor lighting options offer more problems than solutions.

The Sad Truth About Traditional Electric Lights

Outdoor lighting is valuable for so many reasons: lighting up pathways at night, upgrading home security, or enhancing "curb appeal." But many Americans are discouraged when they learn how expensive and difficult to install most lighting systems can be.

Installing outdoor lights can cost up to $2,000 or more… not to mention the electricity bill.

As if a time-consuming installation wasn’t enough, typical light bulbs easily burn out, corrode, or fail due to water damage. Batteries need constant replacement, and plugs and wires need to stay plugged-in. Most homeowners spend more time maintaining lights than they do actually enjoying them.

But what if one innovative product could deliver bright, beautiful outdoor lighting without the high price or hassle of traditional electric options?

Brightology delivers an affordable, simple way to transform any area into a cheery, vibrant, wonderland with Lumaverse solar-powered LEDs.

Cutting-Edge Solar LEDs Offer An Elegant, Money-Saving Alternative

Lumaverse is the easiest, most effective way to upgrade your outdoor space.

These revolutionary solar-powered LEDs illuminate your landscape with bright, multi-colored light. Lumaverse provides long-lasting, maintenance-free light to revamp your yard while also improving home safety and saving you money.

200,000+ Americans have transformed their homes into classy, modern spaces with Lumaverse lights.

Since Lumaverse launched last fall, the online "buzz" about these mesmerizing lights has been spreading… and the company, Brightology, has struggled to keep them in stock.

I highly recommend ordering now before supplies start to run low, or sell out completely.

How Do Lumaverse Solar-LEDs Work?

The innovative lights use solar energy, making them ideal for your home and your wallet. Lumaverse self-charges during the day so it can glow all night long, without wasting batteries or draining electricity.

With the included hardware, simply stake Lumaverse lights into the ground to illuminate pathways, driveways, gardens, planters — anywhere that needs a splash of light.

Enjoy white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and turquoise color options. For even more life, two additional “rainbow shift” settings allow you to rotate between colors.

Lumaverse uses special “Dusk-to-Dawn” technology that switches lights on at dusk and off (into charging mode) at daybreak. Plus, it reverts to your preferred settings every time.

Lumaverse is 100% weather-resistant so you can enjoy long-lasting beautiful light all year — rain or shine.

Is Lumaverse The “Ultimate” Outdoor Lighting Solution?

Don’t just take my word for it… Check out these incredible reviews from verified Lumaverse customers across the country...

“I can’t say enough about these lights. I still love them as much as the first day my husband installed them. They give off such nice vibes in our backyard and we never stop getting compliments from friends and neighbors. We started off with just 4 but we ended up ordering 3 more boxes since then. One of the lights didn’t work at first but customer service was so helpful and had it fixed in no time. Highly recommend!”

— Paige T.

“I got these lights to light up our pathway leading from the driveway into the house. We have a few steps and it can be hard to see at night. These give off the perfect amount of light. We’re able to see the steps perfectly and everyone feels much safer coming and going at night. I’ve added more to the flower beds and planters to illuminate our plants at night. My wife loves them and so do our guests.”

— Rachel H.

"We are pleased with these lights. They are easy to adjust - the solar panels can be rotated independently of the lights, for optimum aiming/charging. It was very overcast here yesterday, but they still worked, and remained lit."

— Harry C.

“Gives my backyard an amazing look, super easy to install, and each light stands on its own without any wires or batteries. They’re completely solar-powered so there’s no need to charge them… They charge by themselves in the sun! They’ve made the yard so much more peaceful with all the soothing colors. I can't wait for summer nights by the pool. ”

— Sharon W.

How Does Lumaverse Compare to Store-Bought Lights?

Traditional Outdoor Lights

  • Easy, wireless, no-hassle installation

  • Complex, time-consuming, or expensive installation

  • No maintenance required

  • Must frequently change bulbs or repair faulty wiring

  • 100% Weather-resistant

  • Risk damage from sprinklers, rain, snow, etc.

  • Solar-powered, money-saving alternative

  • Uses extra electricity, drives-up utility bills

  • Customizable: 7 colors + 3 modes

  • Limited Options

My eyes are not what they used to be, and as I get older I need good lighting to see outside the house (especially at night).

Well, my husband and I were hoping to switch out our dim porch lights for something that would light the front deck and side yard better at night. When I stumbled across Lumaverse, I knew we had to give it a try.

Let me just say — these are the most vibrant, effective lights I have ever come across. It only took us 10 minutes to stake them into the ground. They’re perfectly bright at night and I’m blown away by the amount of color options. (So fun!)

This was the perfect choice for us to light the house. We love changing the lights to match holiday and party themes, but our favorite is the rainbow-shift setting. And now my husband and I don’t have to worry about twisting our ankles walking down the stairs or to the driveway.

Bottomline: It’s no wonder Lumaverse is getting thousands of amazing reviews from people all over the country. These lights really work, and they couldn’t be easier to use. If you’re looking for a modern lighting solution that’s affordable and low-maintenance, you need to try Lumaverse

Here’s How To Get An Easy, Colorful Home Upgrade

Lumaverse is not yet available in stores and is exclusively offered online.

Right now, they’re introducing these stunning new lights to first-time customers for 55% OFF the regular price. And unlike their competitors, they’re offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days.

This discount is only while supplies last, however, and Lumaverse is currently experiencing a flood of new orders due to increased demand online.

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